Water Supply

Bariqa Water Factory

The word “Bariqa” is originated from Arabic Language meaning of the word is Lightning. This company running on the basics of its Good Will. We always provide good water to our customer from every delivery make sure the customer satisfaction and adopt changes based on customer suggestions that is the secret behind our success. Quote we are believes that “Customer Is the King of Business” “Our Motto is Fresh Water at a reasonable Price” We operating various parts of Saudi Arabia that means our company holding some percentage of market share. We are experts and professionals in this field .Years of experience and high quality with many customers.

Our Branches

  • Al – Jubail
  • Turaif
  • Khurais
  • Ras Al Khair & Ras Al Khair Champ
  • Dammam
  • Abu Gifan

Our Services:

  • Door To Door Delivery: - Our vehicles will deliver water on the basics of order
  • Open Counter Facility: - customer can able to purchase directly.

Our products are as follows:

  • Sweet Water: Water for Drinking purpose, Fresh Water.
  • Demine Water: The process of demineralization places a normal water through a unique process which removes dissolved minerals, salts and ions. Demineralized water is of an extremely high quality.